For the thatcher - there is advice together with many guidelines concerning day to day business activities as well as information on trends within the industry and technical information concerning legislation and general practice. The annual Conference provides opportunity for discussion and exchange of ideas and is a precursor to the AGM. Opportunities are also available for specialist training. We have also negotiated special discounts for the supply of netting from Hampton Steel & Wire. Contact the Secretary for further information - [email protected]

A biennial competition - the Best Thatched House - is open to the entire industry within the UK (not just members of the Society). The Society also sponsors the Speed Spar Making Competition held annually at the Great Dorset Steam Fair.

Membership listing of the National Society of Master Thatchers provides assistance when selecting a craftsman to maintain their roof.

The fact that the Society is the only national body of Master Thatchers and that each applicant is vetted, to ensure that his or her work meets our very high standards of craftsmanship, makes the National Society of Master Thatchers the best qualified establishment to respond to enquiries from the thatch owning public, the media or, indeed, anyone connected in any way with the thatching industry of this country.

Invitation is extended to all interested to parties to our periodic Seminars.

Address: National Society of Master Thatchers Limited
c/o Messrs Wheelers
Vale House
Wharf Road
Ash Vale
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